Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How Lansdale shows its LOVE

Two Saturdays ago, I spent the morning at the Mohn household in Lansdale. The household spans multiple generations - including a great-grandmother, grandmother, parents and two grandchildren. All of these family members decided to move in together in order to maximize the care the youngest and eldest received.

The eldest has dementia, and the youngest, a 3-year-old, has an undiagnosed neuromuscular disorder that greatly inhibits her development. 

Hannah Mohn, center, with parents Tim and Jen and brother, Andrew.

In the three years of Hannah Faith Mohn's life, her parents have struggled with medical bills. Hannah needs many additional machines and mobility devices in order to get through her daily life. And due to the severity of the disorder, any time she gets sick her family must fear the worst, because her muscles are just not as able to fight like the rest of ours.

We published Hannah's story on Wednesday, February 20 and by Monday, February 26 the Mohn family reported back that they already received $3,000! They almost reached the need $3,600 for a van retrofit that would make transporting Hannah to therapy, appointments and school much easier.

From Hannah's grandmother, Diane Johnson:

After just one day...

"I had to send a quick email to let you know that it is absolutely crazy with people donating money or offers of doing fundraisers!  Already, someone we know very well, donated $1,000 !!!!! OMG…we are overwhelmed and extremely thankful to you and the Reporter for getting my angel pie’s story out there.  At the rate this is going they will not only be able to pay off that loan for the van retrofit but have some left over to go toward the home modifications that we need to get done to accommodate Hannah and her mobility chair!

The MIU union which I am a part of here at Merck sent me an email and told me that they are sending out a communication today to all of its members asking for donations!!  And to top that the governing council  of the union said they will match up to $2,000 collected!! "

After 5 days....

"I am so excited by the exposure Hannah’s story is getting and want to thank you again.  We actually had a man named Kurt show up at the house on Saturday.  He was in his 80s and made the cutest little lamp for Hannah.  He glued each of the pieces on himself.  He was adorable and really wanted to meet Hannah.  Anyway…. It goes to show that the community in which we live is very generous and caring.  These people are complete strangers and send little notes of encouragement with their donation.  We received one with little stickers in the card along with 6.00 in cash.  It looked like it was written by a little child."

So we want to thank YOU Lansdale, for noticing this story and not ignoring an immediate need in our community. I'm beginning to realize how much love there is in Lansdale and am looking forward to discovering more.

If you have a story of a need in our community that we can help bring light to, please email me, The Reporter's Community Engagement Editor, Jennifer Connor at jconnor@thereporteronline.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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