Friday, February 22, 2013

Save lives by participating in 'Shock Run'

Village Tavern's intent with its Saint Patrick's Day 'Shock Run' 5k is two-fold - to get the community outside having fun and to raise money to provide local organizations with much needed defibrillators.

Each year about 1.1 million people in the United States have heart attacks and almost half of these people die. Coronary Heart Disease, which often results in heart attacks, is the leading killer of both men and women.

Village Tavern co-owner Theresa Modestine said this startling statistic and her children's  proximity to cardiac risk prompted her to commence efforts four years ago to raise funds to bring more defibrillators to the area.

"I have children who play ball and you always hear stories about kids getting hit in the chest on the field," Modestine said. "If there's no defibrillator, the child can end up dying."

Many people can recover from heart attacks and cardiac shock  if they get help quicker. Of the people that die of heart attacks, half of them die within an hour of their first symptoms. When defibrillators are used immediately after symptoms occur, they can save lives.

How can you help?

Simply don your most shocking and festive costume and participate in Village Tavern's St. Patrick's Day 'Shock Run' 5k on March 10. All race participants get a free meal after the run, along with a pint of beer. Registration costs $35 and you can pre-register here:

In the past three years, proceeds from the 5k allowed Modestine to award five defibrillators to local organizations - including one to the Horsham Little League.

Does your organization need a defibrillator?

Theresa will be accepting letters explaining an organization's need through April 15. Then, along with the Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute and the Montgomery Township Business Group, she will decide which organizations to give defibrillators to.

"It's a hard decision to come by," Modestine said. "We take into account the amount of people that may be affected."

E-mail your letter of need to


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