Monday, March 24, 2014

Weston Keeton

Often, I write stories for The Reporter about the efforts to show love and support for children fighting life-threatening diseases. Today, I found out the smiling Weston Keeton, who I wrote about a year ago, passed away yesterday. It's hard to imagine when interviewing these sick children, who are so full of life, that their days are fleeting and their lives plagued with brevity. Rest in peace Weston, your big, bright smile will always be remembered.

Weston Keeton last year.

What amazed me most about Weston is that he isn't even from Pennsylvania, he's from Tennessee, but so many people - from volunteers to doctors - at CHOP fell in love with him that they called him their own, as well. It's incredible how people can love others for no particular reason, affiliation or requirement. Perhaps that is the lesson Weston taught us.

“It’s so nice that so many people want to donate to Weston, pray for him and do whatever they can to help our family,” Julie Keeton told me last year. “Especially here in Philadelphia where we were complete strangers.”

Stay tuned for info about an Easter Egg hunt to help pay Weston's medical bills and funeral expenses at BucksMont Indoor Sports Center next weekend. The egg hunt will be held Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 2278 North Penn Road, Hatfield, Pa. at 1:30 for ages 2-4; 2 p.m. for ages 5-7; and 2:30 for ages 8-10. The event is free with a suggested donation of $5. For more info call 215-996-1170 ext. 101.

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